Archiving SecuROM and ISO Tools

As many of you will happily know, SecuROM has been retired from development and general updates from Sony or SecuROM since Microsoft decided to completely drop support for it going into the Windows 10 era, due to concerns about the DRM being too intrusive, and potentially dangerous to users’ computers. The company behind SecuDisc, and also SecuROM themselves have spoken out heavily against this, but the service has now been retired. If you want to read more about the spat, you can check out the handy RockPaperShotgun article here

What this also means, however, is that many of the resources that are or were available on the SecuROM website that were extremely useful, such as the diagnostic error tool or the temporary file removal tool, are either already taken off the official SecuROM website, or will be in the future, as the only remains of the company as of 2018 is their support website, which itself is slowly dying and shutting itself down. So, in an effort to preserve a method of removing SecuROM and all it’s remaining files and registry keys, as well as the ways of circumventing the DRM when the checking servers eventually go offline, this site is now archiving related files and programs in The Index.

To detail what’s been added, the programs that are up today are:

  • ProtectionID 6.4
  • SecuROM Diagnostics
  • SecuROM Removal Tool

ProtectionID is a program which will detect what version of old or new SecuROM DRM is being used, and then report this to the user. It’s as simple as that, but very useful for debugging problems when reverse engineering or trying to activate software. SecuROM diagnostic tool is also very useful for this, as it gives the user solutions to detected SecuROM errors while the program is running, as well as dump reports. Finally, SecuROM removal tool will remove any dangling remains of the DRM from a computer that has ever installed a disc using it. This is extremely useful, as the service has been known to slow and chug systems.

You can find downloads for all of these tools in Cold Storage, as they’re all freeware/shareware tools.

Happy hunting,